TKR Coating

TKR coatings represent new, safe and environmentally friendly domestic technology. Their research, development and applications have been ongoing since the 1980s and continue today.

TKR coatings are produced using vegetable oil-based materials and are therefore safe for both the user and as an end product. TKR coatings are M1 rated and are odourless and solvent-free. They provide a long-lasting surface for most cement-based products, metals and wood materials. The coatings are two-component and therefore very safe to use. TKR coatings can be applied by brush, trowel, roller or syringe.


  • The elastic and antistatic TKR coating protects the treated surfaces from moisture, corrosion, abrasion, corrosion and impact.
  • TKR coatings are safe to use. The products, which belong to the M1 emission class for building materials, are emission-free both during installation and as a finished product.
  • TKR coating is flexible, tough, waterproof, but can be left open to diffuse water vapor
  • Two-component. By changing the proportions of the components, the finished surface can be made either more flexible or more wear-resistant.
  • Dampens sound and resists vibration and shock.
  • The high adhesion and easy spreadability make it easy to work on uneven surfaces.
  • Tested in many ways, including product certification for waterproofing systems, ammonia permeability test (VTT) and contaminant permeability test (Vahanen).
  • Can be roughened to a finished surface with plastic granules, rubber grit or quartz sand for mortar and screed application.

Typical installations

  • Waterproofing of wet rooms
  • Coating of old cast iron drains
  • Engine and HVAC -rooms, storage rooms, washrooms and bathrooms
  • Sealing, contaminant management and encapsulation
  • Food industry surfaces
  • Floors, loading bridges, expansion joints, skirting boards, stairs
  • Walls, roofs, terraces, balconies, warehouses
  • Washing and bathrooms, boats, ships, reservoirs, drains
  • Pumps, turbine halls, waste water and fish tanks, moulded parts, concrete and metal tanks
  • Corrosion protection of steel structures, vehicles and equipment.

Transparent coating for floor in a gymnasium