TKR Basic coating

TKR Basic Coating is a two-component natural oil-based coating that can be used for a wide range of applications. The most common use of TKR Basic coating is as a primer for TKR methods and other products due to its adhesion and cross-linking properties, and as a topcoat due to its good levelling and impermeable surface. The fluid TKR Basic coating is well suited for protective coatings, injections and all thin film coatings. TKR Basic coating is odourless and can be used in food production areas or customer areas, for example, even if the premises are occupied.

By varying the proportions of the two components, the coating batch used can be made soft and stretchy, for example for expansion joints and structural junctions, or hard and rigid for wear­ resistant surfaces such as industrial floors. Mixing can be done on site.

TKR Basic coating can be mixed with fillers such as silica sand, rubber granules, etc. for various applications and also acts as an adhesive for various applications.

There are two packaging types for TKR Basic coating; factory pre-weighed which do not need to be weighed on site and self-weighing which requires the use of a digital scale for batches.

Pack sizes:

pre-weighed 300g
pre-weighed 1500g
self weighing 3kg
self weighing 14kg

TKR Base coat can be installed e.g. with a steel trowel.

The base coat is installed over the tiles and varnished with a matt varnish.