TKR waterproofing system

The TKR waterproofing system consists of Finnish natural oil-based M1 rated coating products, which are suitable for surface layer for wet rooms.

Old cast iron wells do not need to be removed, but can be coated with the same product to form a seamless whole when waterproofing.

Corner reinforcement tapes are not required for floor to wall interfaces where the gap is less than 5 mm. Also suitable for waterproofing buildings that are cold for part of the year. Can be used to waterproof the wall structure behind the sauna stove tiling, as the coating has a continuous temperature resistance of +120 °C.

The TKR waterproofing system in combination with the TKR drainage renovation method allows for a seamless whole from the ceiling to the street drain.

Certificate No VTT-C-4748-09

Waterproofing and finished surface of the technical space