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TKR Marine -Coating

A two-component coating suitable as a waterproofing and surface material for ships. Provides a long-lasting surface for most metals, protecting them from wear, moisture, corrosion and rust. Applications include marine bathrooms, technical areas and pipework coating. The coating is emission-free and odourless, making it safe for installers even in areas where efficient ventilation is not possible. The finished surface is antistatic and elastic. Suitable for expansion joints and structural´joints.

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TKR Rubber paste and TKR Cellular rubber paste

TKR Rubber paste is intended for applications where impact resistance is required, such as Boat keels and impact protectors in car bodywork. Pack sizes: 309 g pre-measured portion

TKR Cellular rubber paste is odourless, swells 2-3 times after installation. Applications include:

  • Transport vehicle floors
  • Car body structures
  • Sound and thermal insulation
  • HVAC technology
  • Staging techniques
  • Pack sizes: 12 kg and pre-measured 300g portion

Photoluminescent coating

2-component abrasion resistant coating. TKR-Reflective coating has up to 6 hours of afterglow performance. Instantly recharges. Safe to use, odourless during application and as a finished surface. Phosphorus free

Applications include:

  • Signs on walls and stairs
  • Advertisements
  • Also suitable as flooring material

Pack sizes:

  • 1 kg and a pre-measured 320 g portion

TKR A5 coating

Used for applications requiring extreme hardness, for example under heavy traffic and machinery.

EPDM Rubber powder

EPDM rubber powder in various colours. Good weather resistance.

  • Available in grain sizes: 1,0 – 3,5mm , 0,5 – 1,5mm and powder
  • Ask for availability of colours
  • Suitable for e.g. boat decks, work equipment and scaffolding as a slip-resistant or impact protection
  • Can be either sprinkled or mixed with TKR coating

Quartz sand

Additive for TKR coating. Used for puttying, filling and surface roughening e.g. for creed and leveling products. Either embedded in the plastic part or sprinkled on the wet TKR surface.

  • Grain size 0,05-0,2kg in 25kg bags
  • Grain size 0,5-1,0mm in 25kg bags
  • Grain size 0,7-1,2mm in 40kg bags