Amperla Airtight and Airtight K

Amperla Airtight and Airtight K are single-component M1 rated coatings for air leakage sealing. They adhere and absorb to virtually all building materials to form an airtight and moisture resistant membrane. Can be used as such to ensure airtightness or as a primer and filler under a TKR waterproofing and contamination management systems.

Amperla Airtight is a spray-on and Airtight K is a fibre-reinforced brush-on coating. Airtight K is ideal for joints, seams, cracks and fills. As a primer for TKR methods, Amperla Airtight K should only be installed in holes to be filled and on porous substrates. The edge of these should be left as a bonding surface for the TKR coating.