TKR Antibacterial coating

Surface material for areas requiring hygienic surfaces and as a wear layer for TKR waterproofing, contaminant control and coating systems.

TKR Antibacterial coating destroys 99.99% of surface bacteria within 24 hours. The coating retains the general properties of TKR Coatings: high crack bridging, elongation, resistance to salt and chemicals, temperature variations and good abrasion resistance. Can be cleaned with detergents meant for plastic floors.

See the TKR surface cleaning guide

The antibacterial properties are maintained throughout the lifetime of the coating.
Can be applied directly on the surface or on a sticker, etc.
Consumption with TKR methods 200g/m² as a top coat.


  • Floors requiring hygienic surfaces; hospital waiting rooms and operating theatres, clinics, storage areas in the food industry
  • Handrails, counters, door handles for public spaces
  • HVAC engine room floors and surfaces
  • Food industry worktops
  • Floors and railings for public transport vehicles