TKR coating

TKR coatings represent new, safe and environmentally friendly domestic technology. Their research, development and applications have been ongoing since the 1980s and continue today.

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Air leakage sealing and contaminant management

TKR coatings have been subjected to permeability studies (Vahanen 2012, 2015), which have shown that the products are well suited for the control of substrate-absorbed contaminants and for structural sealing in concrete, gypsum, tarmac, wood and steel floors, walls and roof structures.

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Coating and sealing of ventilation ducts

The coating of ventilation ducts can be used to prevent either the entry of contaminants (spores, fibres, dust, etc.) brought into the duct by air leaks or the leakage of condensation from the duct into the structure. The method is suitable for coating steel, asbestos and brick ducts.

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TKR waterproofing

With TKR waterproofing system old undamaged floordrains can be left undisturbed and coated over with waterproofing into a seamless end result. Reinforcement tape is not needed if the reinfordec gap is under 5mm. Suitable for buildings that are not occupied for the cold season.

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TKR sewer renovation method

The TKR sewer rehabilitation method is a seamless method of rehabilitating sewer pipes up to the municipal sewer system. The method is suitable for the rehabilitation of concrete, PVC and cast iron sewers, including floor drains and floor drain connections to pipes. The coating consists of three layers, the first two of which are waterproofing and the third layer is a more rigid, abrasion-resistant mass.

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