TKR-Marketing Oy

TKR-Marketing Oy was established in 2004 to sell and market Finnish coatings manufactured by Oy TKR Coatings Ltd. TKR-Marketing Oy’s offices are located in Joensuu, North Karelia.

Oy TKR Coatings Ltd’s coatings factory is located in Vanhakylä, near Porvoo, Pernaja, from where the products are shipped directly to the customer.

Tested extensively in Finland, M1 emission class TKR products are made from renewable plant oil-based natural resources and are safe both during processing and as a finished product. Our products are used for waterproofing, sealing repairs, contaminant control and encapsulation, as a surface material and adhesive in other applications. The latest application is Antibacterial coating. Research, development and applications of our products have been ongoing since the 1980s and continue today.

TKR Values


The customer is our employer, our quality manual and our marketer. The customer encourages our development, sets our workload and pays our salaries. So we strive to solve our customers’ needs and problems as best we can. We use the feedback we receive from our customers to improve our performance. We remember that it is only the customer who makes our work and our existence possible.


In all our activities, we strive to be accountable for our results, so that our operations are profitable and guarantee the growth and success of the company well into the future.

Co-operation values

Through open, two-way interaction, we thrive with our partners worldwide. We learn from each other and learn from each other. We continuously develop our own activities to match those of our partners. Open interaction, trust, equality and respect are the key words.

Development values

We are growing as a company that markets environmentally friendly products and takes environmental issues into account in everything we do. We want to be open to new ideas and develop our business with new innovative solutions. We see problems as interesting situations and take pleasure in the work we do to serve our customers and partners.