TKR 2-component cartridge

TKR 2-component cartridge is designed to facilitate and speed up the sealing of e.g. floor and wall joints, wall and ceiling joints, pipe penetrations or other similar structures. The cartridge is used with accompanying press mechanic and mixing nozzle

TKR coating gets mixed in a removable mixing nozzle. If the coating is used more than once from the same cartridges, the nozzle part must be changed after each use and the cartridges capped. The cartridge stays usable approximately 20 weeks from the packaging date. This way the use of TKR 2-component cartridge and press mechanic help lessen the waste use of the product and construction waste on site.

The cartridge can be loaded with TKR Basic coating, TKR Gel 2 or Gel 4 on request

The TKR 2-component press consists of four components: press mechanism, cartridges, nozzle and cartridge cap.