Biobased coating solution facilitates the maintenance and service of the property’s fresh air chamber

Kotimaiset TKR-tuotteet – turvallinen ja ympäristöystävällinen pinnoite

In property ventilation systems, fresh air chambers play a crucial role in the overall functioning of the ventilation.

The purpose of fresh air chambers is to protect ventilation machines from possible rainwater and snow, debris, and other impurities. These chambers separate water and snow from the air so that they, along with the impurities, remain in the chamber and do not proceed to the sensitive machines.

Therefore, it is naturally important to remember the regular maintenance activities of the chambers themselves. In this blog post, we explore the most common problems encountered in fresh air chambers and present how their maintenance can be made as effortless as possible.

What are the common problems in fresh air chambers?

The most common problems in property ventilation systems’ fresh air chambers focus on cleanliness and waterproofing.

Previously popular bitumen mats in ventilation ducts and chambers are laborious to clean as the surface of the mats efficiently collects dust and other dirt. Bitumen mats often face challenges with melting water, which diminishes their functionality. Thus, the mats increase maintenance costs and easily cause operational interruptions of spaces.

Nowadays, epoxy-based paints and coatings are also used in chambers, which may be harmful to human health as materials. Handling or recoating of epoxy-based substances in the ventilation system can pose health risks to installers’ safety and the spaces’ everyday users.

Understandably, ventilation ducts and the chambers protecting them are typically also relatively cramped spaces. The cramped conditions complicate and slow down the cleaning of spaces and surfaces, thus easily wasting time and financial resources.

Why is a biobased coating an unparalleled solution for ventilation chambers?

A natural and environmentally friendly coating is a durable, easy-care, and responsible choice for fresh air chambers.

1. Odorlessness

The first undeniable benefit is the odorlessness of the biobased coating. During installation and maintenance work, odorlessness allows for the continuous operation of ventilation machines, and there’s no need to limit the use of the property’s spaces. An odorless product also does not cause symptoms or hazards for the users or leave odors in walls and furnishings.

2. Durability and easy maintenance

Maintaining the coating is very effortless, as it is designed to be easily cleaned and maintained – thus saving a significant amount of time and costs. The coating consists of several different colored wear layers. Different colors indicate the condition of the coating, which facilitates anticipating maintenance needs and planning upkeep.

At the same time, the coating is waterproof, as the waterproofing continues as a continuous film to the floor drain. Thus, there’s no need to worry about snow and water ending up in the wrong places in the chamber.

3. Convenient installation

What about problems related to cramped spaces? This is where the installation technique of the coating comes into play. The installation of a biobased coating, whether by cartridge or spraying method, not only makes the installation quick and easy but also reduces the waste generated and simplifies cleaning.

4. Avoiding demolition and reconstruction

Various chambers and shaft wall structures may contain dangerous compounds – such as asbestos – and renovating these structures incurs costs and health risks. With the coating, old structures can be left in place, as the compounds remain safely underneath it. Naturally, reconstruction also causes operational interruptions to different spaces, and ultimately, they can easily cost more than coating and maintaining the chambers.

Investing in the installation of the coating ensures uninterrupted use of spaces well into the future, offering benefits to users, maintenance, and the economy alike.